Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Roberts Flubs Oath, Not Obama

At first it seemed like President Obama screwed up the beginning of the Oath of Office. In actuality, it was the other rookie standing at the podium, Chief Justice John Roberts.

Obama apparently had the correct order of words zooming through his mind. You didn't think he would be prepared for it? Many watching the oath for the first time most likely did not catch Roberts inadvertently delete the word, "faithfully" upon which Obama paused, nodded at Roberts and smiled before the chief justice could recite the correct line.

Nevertheless, the seemingly uber-confident Obama showed an immense snapshot of humanity. The pause and the stumble illustrated that the man was nervous. Who wouldn't be? At that moment, it is worth remembering that he is not the ultimately savior to all that ills our country, merely a man with the conviction to change America at a unique time in our history.

I have heard some people wonder aloud why anyone would want to be president now. Actually, all of them would kill to be in Obama's position. For men who desire the office of presidency a certain amount of legacy inhabits all of them. President Clinton surely looked at President George W. Bush as lucky to have a formative moment like 9/11 to cement his legacy instead of a stained blue dress. You could see it in the faces of all the living president's as Obama walked to his sit on the inaugural platform. I wish I was in his position they seemed to say.

Yet, when you're the man entrusted with the country and the world's problems the job is daunting and Obama showed he is only human. That is probably why over 60 million Americans voted for him in the first place.

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