Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DHS Says Rightwing Extremism On The Rise

Popular culture often joked or feared for the safety of an American black president. With a weak economy and a capable Commander-in-Chief most of those urban myths have fallen to the wayside, yet quips from Chris Rock have given way to a rise in rightwing extremism attributed in part to white anger over various issues, including the race of the president according to an unclassified report issued by the Department of Homeland Defense.

Click here to read the .PDF from the DHS

The report released last Friday says the same factors that gave rise to extremism in the early 1990s and leading to the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building are present today.

Rightwing militia groups are stoking the furor of possible recruits by highlighting their perceive loss of white power personified in the election of Barack Obama along with standard recruiting points such as the rise in immigrants taking jobs, the poor economy and proposed gun control laws.

Most shocking is the likelihood that these groups will recruit veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for their valued military experience. The report alludes to the existence of "lone wolves" and small terrorist cells that could be fortified by this group who may be further marginalized by their difficulties returning to their civilian lives.

Many worry the next terrorist attack may not be foreign-based, but domestic and likely originating from the narc0-blood bath occurring on the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead, this report brings to mind the diversity of discontent in the United States contains a fringe element likely in Western states that is keen on "overthrow" and if the economy continues to sour, this group will become even more agitated. Angry enough to make Timothy McVeigh look like an amateur.

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MAS1916 said...

One wonders if this is a serious attempt to intimidate conservatives from participating in the Tea Party activities on Tax Day. The timing would lend itself to this theory.

The other possibility is that these guys are now truly scared. Have they suddenly realized just how radical is their agenda? Are they really feeling this threatened?

Paranoia leads to really poor decisions, though. Keep an eye on our government!