Friday, April 03, 2009

Netanyahu Talks Tough For The Israelis; Obama Will Proceed With Caution

You can only judge the return of Benjamin Netanyahu to the office of Israeli Prime Minister and tough-talk regarding Iranian nuclear production as nothing more than bluster. It's no surprise the right wing Netanyahu would slide Israel towards a more hawkish view of its Middle Eastern neighbors. It's quite predictable, inf fact, for the right to diminish any work towards amicable piece with the Palestinians just as it is nearing fruition. In some ways it's a game played by both side to perpetuate conflict. Almost as if their mutual business is conflict just as not finding a cure for Cancer fattens Big Pharma's bottom line.

If you believe Iran is really the psychotically deranged nuclear power-to-be, Netanyahu's statements saying he would attack Iran if the U.S. does not succeed in stripping its capabilities is stark. The assertion, though, flies in the face of standard diplomatic strategy. It is not Iran's desire to actually possess a legion of nuclear warheads as much as it is their view the capability to one day attain them will protect them from U.S. invasion and boost their place in the hierarchy of the Middle East. Israel must care for their own safety, but Netanyahu is being disingenuous by deploying the standard anti-Iranian spiel by recounting President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's various threats against the state of Israel.

If you need to see where the bluster ends and where realpolitiks begins, read closely at Netanyahu's candid belief that the Iranian economy is in such disrepair that sanctions would work nicely in persuading Iran to drop their nuclear ambitions. Netanyahu's rhetoric is dangerous if you believe Israeli jets bombing Iranian targets could ignite a massive Middle East war where nobody would likely arise victorious. Netanyahu only makes it harder for the new American president to engage Iran like never before. A modicum of peace in the Middle East will be difficult even without a right wing bully spouting off to his constituents in Tel Aviv.

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