Friday, July 16, 2004

Father Kerry?...Almost

There was an nice piece in today's Washington Post about Sen. John Kerry and the role of his Catholic faith in this campaign.
Apparently, Kerry believes black folks want to hear sermons instead of a typical stump speech. Signals from his staff seem to indicate that he will continue to stick to a more secular tone rather than quoting the New Testament.
Sounds good to me.
The single most annoying development in American politics has been the trend to publicly bare one's religious beliefs for votes. 
Although, my political science half is saying combat Bush's born-again Christian mularkey with some of our own religious hooey. Why not? Try to cancel out the issue as best as you can. I do not believe Americans will go to polls solely on the idea that George W. Bush appears to be more pious than Kerry.

This tactic might now have some legs. The WP story reports that Sen. Kerry contemplated joining the priesthood during his youth and carries a rosary and a medal adorned with the image of St. Christopher.
C'mon, wouldn't that be nearly as believable as Bush trying to hoodwink Christians into believing his born-again routine. You evil-doer.
My personal belief is summed by Sen. Kerry's remark:
I am not a spokesperson for the church, and the church is not a spokesperson for the United States of America.

Keep it that way. 

The more the church tries to intrude on my government or the more my government allows the church to cross over into government, the further away you'll see me from the church house. Amen.


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