Friday, July 16, 2004

The Rules #1

Do not engage in stall-to-stall bathroom conversations. This is "me" pee time, not "us" pee time. Chatting before entering the sanctity of the bathroom stall is still fair game. Once either person crosses the threshold, it is fair to abruptly cease conversating and pick up where you left off at the sink.
Also, c'mon, who brings a can of soda with them to the restroom? If it was a common practice, don't you think somebody would have thought of installing cup holders?


Pops said...

Check out the municipal stadium in San Jose (home of the SJ gigantors) cup holders and a ledge for your popcorn- I have had some very meaningfull conversations in the john- sometimes with other people.

MrYosemite said...

I need a little clarification on this one. Are "comments" considered a sub class of "conversation"? For example, if someone spots my Big Willy out of the corner of their eye and they announce, "My God son! That must be a 5lb trouser trout that your packing!" Is that discouraged? Because, quite frankly, I enjoy the astonishment.

Anonymous said...

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