Tuesday, July 20, 2004

History being Re-Written

Those infamous 16 words in President Bush's State of the Union, ahhh, could they turn out to be true? An AP story reports that British intelligence believes Iraq, indeed, sought uranuim yellowcake from Niger.

In the four stories, I've read on this development, nowhere has anyone mentioned that the impetus for Joe Wilson to discredit the attempt to obtain uranium was forged documents.

Now, the operative word, is sought. Did Iraq seek yellowcake uranium from Niger? I suppose it's possible they did, but the suggestion the Bush administration made was that they did more than seek, but obtained the uranium.

Have they done enough to pester the former ambassador, Joe Wilson? Not only did they "out" his undercover CIA spouse, but Sen. Pat Roberts asserts that Wilson received the assignment because of nepotism and provided "inaccurate, unsubstantiated and misleading information."

I sense, today, that the Bush adminstration has changed their strategy for the last four months of this campaign. We should begin to see a slow trickle of evidence to seems contrary to all the hits this Adminstration has suffered from--the uranium claim, Abu Ghraib, WMD and not to mention, capturing Osama.

My intuition was bolstered by news stories regarding possible al-Qaeda ties to Iran. They sound eerily similar to the case that they slowly built up for invading Iraq. It would make for a wonderful smoke screen to this campaign. Tying Sen. Kerry's hands to any political point regarding the "war on terrorism".