Monday, July 19, 2004

Monday Morning Junk Drawer

After a deadly fire at a schoolhouse in India, the state government announced the banning of thatched roofs at schools. In a related story, Donald Trump will no longer outsource his toupee to India.

The anger towards President Bush seems to stick with people even into death. The San Francisco Chronice ran an obituary in June for Eva Kavin. She was 89. The last line of her obituary read as such: "Eda's memory can be honored by supporting an artist or by helping to unelect 'that damn Bush.' Eda thanks you."

I'm going to miss Eva. I use to call her "Gums McGee", but that's another story. I truly loved her. She was a good women. I will do everything I can to make her last wish come true.

Marion Jones, U.S. track star and accused steriod user, has qualified only for the long jump in next month's Olympic games. I'm not sure for women, but for men, the only drug useful for the long jump would seem to be Viagra.

My neighbor, Doug Gabriel's career statistics: 1 reception for 17 yards. Possible comeback lines if problems persist. "What's up bro! Dude, you only have one more reception in the NFL than my mama or my bald-headed Granny!".

Had a meeting this morning and the janitor strolls through it carrying ass gaskets--those paper toliet seat covers.

I've located evil in America. Watch out for my posting on the current rising son of a biatch in the Repuglican party, Kansas Senator Pat Roberts. Don't be surprised if he isn't appointed to the vacated CIA post after Emperor Bush steals the election. More coming.

Apparently, Raider wide receiver, Doug Gabriel has a blog online telling his friends and family about his downstairs neighbor who works at a bank. The item is sandwiched around a posting detailing Rich Gannon's visit to his apartment and the pass routes he ran in his living room. Ahhh, explains much, Grasshoppah.

Finally....The A's honored their 1974 World Series team on Saturday. Amongst the former players was 1972 World Series MVP, Gene Tenace. Coincidently, he is mentioned in Will Ferrell's new movie, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Also mentioned in the film: whale vagina.

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