Friday, July 16, 2004

Sean and Luke heading to Cooperstown?

My nephews Sean and Luke just finished their rookie year of baseball--actually Tee Ball.
Tee Ball is like the Arena football concept except with midgets.
Both their seasons were deemed wildly successful. If Sabermetrics guru Bill James extrapolated their first-year numbers over their career, their numbers would like something like this:
Sean Dawson #5       
AB          R         H          BI   SO   2B   3B  HR  SB    BB   AVG
4,452   4,569     4,452  10      1    0     0      0    1      0    1.000
Luke Dawson #1
AB          R         H          BI  SO   2b   3B   HR   SB  BB    AVG
4,400  4,445     4,440    3     3      1    0     0       0    0  1.000
Amazing stats! Hall of fame numbers.
Exclusive! Sean told me that next year he's holding out unless he gets two 2 pieces of beef jerky and nachos with extra cheese from the snack bar.
The one anomaly is the one double Luke hit his first season. That was due to a 4-year old third baseman who threw the ball to a labrador, who then ran off with the ball. Sadly, Luke only made it to second.
I don't understand Tee Ball. The field is too big for these little kids. Nearly all of them can't make the throw to first base or any base for that matter. On Sean and Luke's team, though, the more athletic kids realized it was easier to just run the ball to first....all the way from third base! It worked wonderfully, unfortunately, I think most of these kids think that's how the game is played.
These kids are very fan-friendly. They even sign autographs for the fans, although, way too many of them seem to have dyslexia. Lots of backward "s" and the absence of the letters "w", "y" and "g".