Monday, August 23, 2004

I'm Going To Start Wearing a Helmet

My upstairs neighbor, Doug Gabriel, has played very well in two pre-season games for da Raidahs. Two weeks ago he scored a nice 34 yard touchdown pass against the 49ers. He then followed that game with a dazzling 89 yeard TD run last Saturday night versus Dallas, but maybe he would have been stopped if I was playing defense.

On the way to work this morning I met up with Dougie Fresh. I usually take the stairs to get street level. In my building the door to the stairwell and main front door are very close, especially when both doors are open.

As I pushed the door open, Doug was walking out the front door. In typical jock fashion he was wearing a visor, sleeveless shirt and of course a football cradled in his left arm. He didn't see me coming and quickly switched the ball to his other arm before the door hit it, but not so gracefully.

He tapped it around before gaining control. At the same time a small, but stocky Filippino man came out of nowhere, I mean, nowhere and laid a vicious hit on Doug.

He stood over Doug and said, "I make yo' grave, numbah eighty-pive!"


key said...

ok now i know you are kidding right?


Pops said...

I was wondering where Sandra went.

refinance said...


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