Saturday, August 21, 2004

Me Likeee

Is it a bad sign when the delivery man from Chinese takeout says "Good luck!"?

Olympic thoughts: while watching women's beach volleyball on a Friday this Olympic pornography? Both tandems of volleyballers are wearing near-thongs, if not, basic women's underwear. Me Likeee.

Neither the Bush or Kerry campaign is talking about the one policy change that would help the most with high gasoline prices--building more refineries. Whenever prices rise for anything other than pure market jitters, the reason is always the inability to produce gasoline quickly enough. Case in point: Light crude oil prices are near $50/barrel yet prices in the Bay Area are falling. I saw regular unleaded for $2.02 in San Leandro.

On two occasion this past week we've heard the linkage of the Bush adminstration and lawlessness from Democrats. Is this something to watch during the last 120 days of the campaign for President and/or possible second term for Bush but with a Democratic Senate?

John Kerry is now wondering out loud whether Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is a front for Bush and rumblings about whether a reknowed Hollywood director who is making a back-slapping film about W. while simultaneously working for the Republican National Convention is a violation of fundraising laws.

Democrats believe they have a very strong chance of winning back the Senate this fall. If they do, it will have huge ramifications over the next four Bush years. Imagine a lame-duck president with an opposition Senate hellbent on destroying him. Me Likeee!

I rented the very underrated Jim Carrey movie, Cable Guy last night. I had forgotten that the film was directed by Ben Stiller. Also I did not realize that both Owen Wilson and Jack Black had small roles in the film before they became big stars. Owen Wilson played his typical self-centered male character while Jack Black is relatively unfunny, tame and surprisingly unlikable.


Pops said...

Re Olympic thoughts-Unfortunately, these same uniforms will be used in 2008 by the men’s Greco-Roman wrestling team.

mmmmmmm wrrressstling.

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