Thursday, August 05, 2004

What's Going On, Ricky?

The Miami Herald is reporting an email exchange with the soon-to-be retired Ricky Williams that indicates a desire to play in Oakland next year.

This guy is killing me. The Ricky Williams saga continues to get more and more bizzaro by the minute.

It's seems clear that his heart is still into playing football. It was just last week that he was done with the gridiron and now he's suddenly planning his short-term future.

This is what we know:
1) Cut his famous dread-locks
2) He showed up for summer mini-camp out of shape and disinterested.
3) He tested positive for marijuana and faced having his pay docked four games.
4) Announced retirement on the eve of training camp and poised to join Barry Sanders, Robert Smith and Jim Brown as great running backs who retired in their prime.
5) Now, he's speaking whimsically about playing for the silver and black as soon as next season.

He also made a peculiar statement regarding his famed quirkiness and the odd ball reputation of the Raider Nation, "they have crazy fans who expect a weirdo."

Is this a story about someone disenchanted and unfulfilled with an empty life as a football player or someone with deep issues with himself. It looks like Ricky is having a huge, lingering life crisis and it probably has something to do with this guy.


MrYosemite said...

How in the world can you compare Ricki Williams to Jim Brown or Barry Sanders? At best, Ricki's had one or two good years. The sport isn't missing much if he doesn't play. Besides, if his solution to getting suspended 4 games is to suspend himself for the entire season, who needs the fucktard?

If he thinks the Raider fans will be more understanding, he clearly needs help.

wonderbread74 said...

Yeah, I'll admit I hesistated on that, too, but what I was really get at was that they were all African-American.

Anonymous said...

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