Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ad Watch


I was watching the A's game on Channel 36 last Friday. KICU is heavy in locally-produced commercials ranging from the ubiquitous car dealership ad to Jim Rodgers, the people's lawyer.

While these spots serve their purpose in commerce and camp, I've never seen one in more bad taste than a commercial for Mr. Chau's Chinese Fastfood. It actually tries to makes a link between General Tao Chicken and the Laci Peterson murder trial. Seriously.

It begins with a mock up of a front page with the screaming headline that reporters are flocking to Redwood City....for the new Mr. Chau's in Redwood City! The reference is undeniable and the linkage between chinese food and a pregnant murdered woman is the most bizzare piece of advertising ever.

How did this get by Mr. Chau, if there is such a person and is KICU so hard up for advertising dollars to agree to air the ads.

Should we put it by Mr. Chau's? These are the ads that feature an over-the-top Asian cartoon with an unmistakably chinese impression and somehow produce 23 different ways to serve fried, bit-sized battered chicken pieces.


What's going on with the ads regarding proposition 68? This constitutional ammendment would possibly increase gambling revenues by $1 billion.

I don't want to get into the pros and cons right now, but do the proponents of prop 68 have amnesia in this ad?

The ad encourages us to believe that the Indian tribes do not pay their fair share of taxes. Did they forget that we stole their land and rectified it by setting up reservations in the worst parts of the country?

Pay your "fair share"!

Anybody remember when some indians were freezing and the white man so kindly gave them all warm blankets to stay warm? Turns out the blankets were infected with smallpox and indescrimately killed indians who lacked any immunity to the "white man" disease.


Pops said...

Everyone knows dead pregnant woman equals Sweet and Sour

As for the Injuns- Anything that can boost meth sales and prostitution is Ok in my book.

pryncess711 said...

now now Scott.. umm i mean Steve!!.. we know you love your owrage chiken!!

Anonymous said...

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