Monday, September 27, 2004

Complaint Letter At Dawn

Here's my email to the front office of my building. I wrote this after a cranky night of tossing and turning and a throbbing leg. Pretty good for 2:30 in the morning. I couldn't help but get a little cocky at the end. I'm just a little frustrated because I think my family would rather meet a Raider than have me live in peace. Bastards!

September 25, 2004. 2:34 am


I am once again enduring another evening and early morning of constant noise from the apartment above (D206). I believe this to be third time I have complained of the tenant above. As with the other instances, I have been patient and waited for the interruptions to subside before complaining. This is the fifth straight night I have been awaken by this tenant. I am neither a light or hard sleeper and I also do not go to sleep until around 1am. Loud and constant banging and yelling from the upstairs balcony have been frequent ranging from around 2am to 5am.

I've noticed that nearly ever person I've encountered in this building to be extremely friendly. It is completely outside the norm for anyone here to pass someone without a smile and hello. Why is it that I must live underneath the most selfish and inconsiderate tenant in the entire building?

I must remind you that this tenant has already threatened me on one occasion which, apparently was discounted because he was known to be "nice" according to your office. The last time I complained, an associate of yours told me that I could move to another unit, which seemed odd since I was the victim. I know who this person is and his relative celebrity. I hope he is not being coddled because of it.

If catching touchdown passes will get me some quiet then I'll start practicing. Apparently, my neighbor only has one more than I do, or you do, for that matter. I'll be down to your office later this morning to further discuss this matter.

Steve Tavares


Anonymous said...

Please post your outcome of your meeting with the apartment managers. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know what happened.

Pops said...

Who cares about the meeting- What's the deal with the throbbing leg?

Anonymous said...

Throbbing leg? I wanna know when I can meet Gabriel!

- Lizette

Anonymous said...

that's a funny one, steve-o!