Saturday, September 18, 2004

Are You Ready For Some Overhype?!

Week 2 Predictions:

Raidahs over Bills....Al's team never loses their home opener.
Saints over 49-Whiners...McAllister runs wild over the pink and yellow.
Redskins over Giants...Joe Gibbs is hailed as a genius again. Wait until the 'Skins play someone good.
Broncos over Jaguars...Jags won't score much again.
Ravens over Steelers...Lewis won't let Bettis score 3 TDs
Falcons over Rams...St. Louie could have been 0-2.
Lions over Texans....Lions are 2-0. Who would have thunk it?
Packers over Da Bears...It's the Cheese!
Titans over Colts....A shootout. Home team wins. Remember Tenny is going undefeated en casa.
Chiefs over Panthers...It's going to be a long year in Charlotte.
Bucs over Seahawks...I can't see the 'Hawks winning two road games to start the season.
Cowboys over Browns...Last minute FG winner. We call it at Sunday Tickey Sunday HQ, a red-hot!
Pats over Cards....A rout in the desert. 38-14.
Jets over Chargers...The turf at Qualcomm always looks so pretty and lush in September.
Dolphins over Bengals....The Fish will steal this one. Don't get exciting Miami until basketball season.
Eagles over Vikings....MNF Special. Are you ready for so overhyping of T.O. and McNabb?!

Milton Jr.....7-14
Milton Sr.....6-14

Come on down! Menu: Chili Dogs and beer. Ciao

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