Thursday, September 16, 2004

Prozac Makes Kids Suicidal

A new study claims that children who take Prozac are twice as likely to be suicidal. This is news? Aren't children naturally suicidal?

If not, then why do we continually tell them to look both ways when crossing the street? Because, they'll just walk blindly into traffic. Suicidal? Yep.

My nephew, Luke, when he was about three years old jumped from four steps up my Mom's staircase to the floor below. This infantile insanity resulted in a broken leg. Suicidal? Definitely.

When my sister was about six she stuck the small sour candies, Tiny Tarts up her nose. They were lodged there until a combinations of tweezer extractions and nose-blowing ended her attempt.

Those are a few, but maybe you can help me with more stories on this burgeoning theory of child suicide. Leave a message.


pryncess711 said...

ah yes kids and adults alike who are on these meds have some sort of brain "malfunction"... but people are gonna do what they want whether on depressant meds or not!!!!

You finally admitted it!! (especially to everyone!) we can see how much you LOVE kids!!!!!

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