Sunday, September 12, 2004

NFC East Predictions

1 Philadelphia Eagles
Same old story in Cheesesteak land. Home field advantage in the NFC and another loss in the championship game. In the end, you'll find that Philly isn't much better or worse in whole scheme of things with Terrell Owens

2 Dallas Cowboys
I have no idea what happen with the whole Quincy Carter saga but I would really be loving the 'Boys if Vinny Testaverde wasn't their quarterback. This defense is so quick that it will lead the NFL in defense and get the Cowboys into the playoffs. Although, one and out.

3 Washington Redskins
Sure the Clinton Portis deal will strangely beneficial to both Washington and Denver, but after 10 years away from the game coach Joe Gibbs isn't going to straighten this dysfunctional organization.

4 New York Giants
I can't imagine the New York Times and New York Post having much fun with new coach Tom Coughlin. If Army-like toughness and blandness might make it hard for to succeed in NYC. Rookie QB Eli Manning will be an uncomfortable disaster, at least, this season. The jury will be out on him next year. I just hope somebody doesn't crack this guy sometime this season. Anybody notice that he looks like such a timid little boy next to his brother, Peyton Manning?

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