Sunday, September 12, 2004

NFC South Predictions

1 Atlanta Falcons
The best way I can describe Michael Vick would be to call him a robot; a cyber QB. In my lifetime I've never seen an athlete like #7. I believe he could literally win the Super Bowl for Hotlanta by himself. Imagine when more pieces are put in place. This is the NFC representative in Super Bowl XXXIX.

2 Carolina Panthers
I can't believe everybody jumping on the Panthers' bandwagon. C'mon, did they suddenly come out of nowhere to becoming a force in the NFC. Yes and no. Last year's Super Bowl appearance was a fluke. If QB Jake Delhomme is injured, where will Carolina be then?

3 New Orleans Saints
Coach Jim Haslett will have this team poised to be excellent next year. What I'm saying is that there will be just enough good times in Nah Ohleans for him to save his job.

4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
How quickly has the Boy Genius, Jon Gruden fallen? It's painfully obvious that Tampa mortgaged their future for one run at the Super Bowl crown and succeeded. Nothing wrong with that, I'm sure. It's not going to be a good year in Tampa. QB Chris Simms should start getting auditions for the top job.

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