Friday, December 17, 2004

SF Chronicle Reports LFR Curse

Did Nancy Gay's article in the San Francisco Chronicle unwittingly stumble upon my Doug Gabriel curse, December 16th?

Referring to Gabriel's lone highlight catch against the Steelers and the subsequent drought that followed:

"It was his greatest play this season. It also proved to be something of a curse."

Curse? Could she be possibly referring to my July 21, 2004 post entitled, "The Curse of the Portugee"? As much as I would love to take credit for ruining his season just as I put Yankees' second baseman, Chuck Knoblauch's career in shambles in 1997, I can't. Gabriel's quotes are somewhat disconcerning and fit the profile of the party animal that I know.

The article, in fact, reveals someone over-his-head as a starting wide receiver in the NFL, especially after the departure of Jerry Rice in October. Said Gabriel, "More plays. Different plays. Different routes. My book is little thicker now. Was he talking about his playbook or his little black book. Was, what I thought, a 3am booty call actually Doug practicing his receiving routes?

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