Friday, January 07, 2005

Rams, Jets Win On Upset Saturday

Mike Tice
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Rams over Seahawks...Wow! The playoffs open with two undeserving participants. Who deserves it less? Seattle does. The Rams have too much firepower for the 'Hawks. Will this be Mike Holmgren's last game in Sea-town? If so, don't bet on seeing Wilford Brimley with a headset manning the sideline next year in San Fran.

Jets over Chargers... N.Y. completes Saturday's sweep by the visiting team. How many times in sports do you see a franchise like San Diego quickly vault to the top from nowhere only to stumble in the playoffs and just as quickly bring its fans and aspirations down to earth. Besides, the Jets are my pre-season Super Bowl champs.

Packers over Vikings...Minny will lose its third game to the Pack and it probably costs head coach, Mike Tice his job. The media loves to turn NFL head coaches into Einstein-like geniuses. In acutality they're nothing more than glorified P.E. teachers. I bring this up because Tice looks like the dopiest-looking coach I've ever seen. As for the game, blah, blah, blah, Brett Favre works his magic, again.

Colts over Broncos...The Battle of the Horsies will be a blowout for Indy. The speedy Colts indoors, at home, and on a speedy track will be too much for Denver. The rat-faced coach of the Broncos, Mike Shanahan will return next season despite another early playoff exit.

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