Saturday, January 15, 2005

Jets, Vikes Upset Top Seeds

Peyton Manning
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Jets over Steelers...I've got to keep dancing with the girl who brung me. My pre-season Super Bowl pick--the Jets--will upset the vaunted Steelers sterling season. Did anyone notice, last week, Jets kicker and local hero, Doug Brien has crossed eyes? Very worrisome for a kicker, eh.

Falcons over Rams...Indoors and on the carpet might help the Rams, but it will also help the great Michael Vick. A national audience will be able to witness the confindent attitude Atlanta possesses with new coach, Jim Mora. My other pre-season Super Bowl pick will advance.

Vikings over Eagles...I was completely surprised by the Vikes last week. Mike Tice's team came out the gate, amidst Randy Moss' antics and played with no worries. Philly as not played a meaningful game in three weeks nor have they played well since Terrell Owens went to down with an injury. Another hollow season is near for the Eagles.

Patroits over Colts...Will the media finally get off the Peyton Manning lovefest? This "honorable" young man is also the same who was sued for sexual harrassment when he was accused of sticking his bare bottom in the face of a female trainer. The Pats' management is using the weather to their advantages by exposing the field to the rain and snow so as to slow the Colts offense. Indy's formula of stockpiling their offense inspite of their defense will be exposed. Pats will host the AFC Championship next week.


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