Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hobo John Warning In The NY TImes

Hobo John's story is coming to the LFR in two weeks in the form of a three-part serial. Is he fiction or real? One of Hobo John's many theories is that the clues to many conspiracies are revealed in small one-inch stories buried deep in your daily newspaper. Here's a blurb in today's New York Times, page A12:


JAKARTA, Indonesia, Thursday, May 26--The United States Embassy and other American government offices in Indonesia will be closed indefinitely because of a security threat, the embassy said Thursday. The Embassy provided no details, but a private security analyst said the reason was a "distinct, direct terrorist threat." The last similar closing was more than two years ago.

Is something about to happen in Indonesia? Sounds imminent, yet it only garnered an inch column on the twelfth page of the Times.

Hobo John comes to the LFR in "The Face of Lee Harvey Oswald" in two weeks.