Wednesday, May 11, 2005

NYT: Brazilians Love Bolinhos

Peculiar Caption in NYT Magazine

There was an odd, sexually-tinged caption in the April 24th New York Times Magazine (page 82). The caption under a photo of a Brazilian restaurant reads: "The action at Bracarense, where bolinhos are a delicacy."

For my non-Portuguese-speaking readers, the caption literally translates as "The action at Bracarense, where little balls are a delicacy."

Sounds kinky.

The Brazilians just can't get enough balls. The comedy hijinks continue in the body of the text.

"'People were clamoring for a better bolinho,' explains Sebastiao Peris the owner of Rei do Bolinho de Bacalhau."

Mr. Peris seemed to learn more about the birds and the bees from his mom.

"Peris learned to cook bolinhos from his Portuguese mother. But Pedrinho Prado, the chef and owner of the bistro Sao Sebastiao, gives credit to the Brazilians for bringing bolinhos to life."

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