Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bush's "Facts" Can't Sway Americans

Age Of Reason Never Existed In Bush's World

Listening to George Bush Tuesday night reminded me of a parent referring to Santa Claus as real to their 16-year-old child.

Finally, everybody knows and sees the entire Iraq adventure was a pure ruse. Unfortunately, this reality failed to hit a majority of Americans back in November.

Bush offered nothing new in the form of foreign policy or news, at all. For a man who contends to never peek at polls, this primetime chat with America seemed concocted to quell astonishingly low approval ratings for the President and the war in Iraq.

Wednesday's USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll on whether Americans support the war in Iraq (that's some major corporate synergy going on) revealed some odd, but clear numbers. While left-leaning and educated American have been steadfast in their opposition they now have some interesting bedfellows. The poll, which was compared to similar polls in February and March, show large swings in opposition among young, uneducated, conservative males. These are the bedrock of Bush's country boy, NASCAR, Joe Sixpack set.

Do you favor the war in Iraq?
Men 52% +9 pct chg from Feb/Mar
18-29 56% +13
No college 58% +12
Conservative 32% +9

What is becoming clear is that more Americans have seen the light and, possibly, have dropped their nationalistic fervor that was so evident after 9/11 and so masterfully stoked by the Bush administration.

One after another: the (delayed) finding from the CIA that weapons of mass destruction did not exist in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, the Downing Street Memo that revealed that the decision to go to war was made months before Bush claimed, even while duping the public into believing he was favoring a more diplomatic route. And to top it off, despite Bush's proclamations, Iraq was not a training ground for terrorists until well after the invasion.

With all of this well known to the public, why did he repeatedly pull out the 9/11 card and presupposition that Iraq was a threat to America and a direct cause of the attack, Tuesday?

Bush is a leader, despite his protestations, devoid of hubris and unfettered in his blind loyalty to the will of God. By bidding their loyalty to a deity rather than the country, Bush has left the success of his presidency and military action up to the whims of probability rather than sound logic and reason.

By their logic, a plan without a plan will suffice because it is God will, unfortunately, both muslims and christians pray to the same God.