Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Family Blamed For Increasing Regional Pot Stats

A new government study on marijuana use in the United States revealed a possible correlation between high pot use and the proximity to college campuses.

In the study Boston and Boulder, CO, the home of the University of Colorado had the highest percentage of use.
Marijuana use is highest (red) in Washington,
Northern California, Boston, MA, and
Eastern Georgia--all places inhabitated by
the Tavares family.

While I haven't read the study, I would like to offer an alternative theory. In nearly every region where pot use was measured at five percent or more, a Tavares family member resides. Except for the state of Colorado, a relative lives in Western Washington, Northern and Central Valley of California, Massachusetts and Georgia where use registered moderately.

Keep your eyes open for these guys:
Ganja Portugal
Rasta Herbie and Easy Eddie

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