Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cruise Fails Comedy 101

Cruise gets doused
Originally uploaded by wonderbread74.
Amidst the shock of being squirted with a fake microphone Sunday, Tom Cruise said, "What's so funny about [squirting me]"

Here are a couple reasons:

(1) You didn't expect it.
(2) We didn't expect it.
(3) The astonished look on your face was priceless.
(4) Your assistants were busting up inside.
(4) It illustrated your vanity
(5) The stark comparison of reality and your Hollywood world came crashing together.
(6) It was better than listening to you dodge a real question about your newest movie which you were attempting before being doused, "Uh, structurally it's the same." Whatever that means?
(7) A microphone, squirting, a face--get it--you're gay!


MrYosemite said...

Oh sure, it's ok when his own microphone shoots Katie in the face but when someone does it to him, it's no longer fun. I see how it is. I've got news for you Tom, you can't have your hostess cupcake and eat it too!

Anonymous said...

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