Thursday, August 18, 2005

Portuguese Team Has Brawn, But Do They Have Brains?

For the first time in series history, the Portuguese squad is optimistic about their lineup. Never in its history has it boasted so much potential power than this year.

In years past, it relied on manufacturing runs with doubles and singles along with a defense that has never really materialized. This Sunday it may feature five considerable power threats in Bobby Da Costa, Steve Tavares, Nelson Costa, Patrick Doral and Little Milton Costa.

"That's a lot punch in the middle of the lineup. If we can get our leadoff hitters on board early, I don't see why we can't blow the Mexican across the border--I mean--like, all the way to Central America," said manager and shortstop, Steve Tavares.

"Seriously, though, we can hit all we want, but our defense definitely needs to hold the Mexicans. We can't be given away outs late in the game like last year with Herbie kicking the ball all over the place," said Tavares.

Last year, Portugal played well enough to win versus the undermanned opponents from south of the border, but slowly relinquished the lead late in the game on the misadventures of cousin, Herbie Tavares, who committed five errors at thirdbase that led to 10 Mexican runs and breathed new life into their hopes. Many are still perturbed over his performance last year.

"We even moved the game earlier in the month for that guy to play and then that sucker gave those guys all the runs. I still can't believe it," said lifelong fan, Carlos Tavares of Tracy, CA.

After losing the first two games of the series, many fans are still unsure about the team's chances this Sunday despite their potential on paper.

"Best Portugee lineup ever! What is that! They haven't won one yet," said fan, Jack Smith.

"I won't believe it if they win. I've seen it before and then they're crappy," says team mother, Elizabeth Smith.

Much like the Boston Red Sox march to the World Series after 86 years, a psychological barrier needs to be hurdled before the Portuguese players and fans can begin thinking about celebrating a win after two straight defeats.

"The coach is kinda poor. All crippled up half the time. Made bad decisions--traded one of his best players. They [Mexicans] should just stick to the rules. You don't have enough players--you lose!," said Jack while cleaning one of his many shotguns.


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Los Chorizos will prevail once again, you'll see.

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