Friday, August 19, 2005

Rookie Power Added to Portugal's Side

Team Portugal
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Roster Set For Baleeiros

Portugal announced its team for 2005 Suzao Cup on Sunday, August 21, 2pm. Its tentative roster features a veteran roster and two rookies.

Patrick "Da Don Patino" Doral and Nelson Costa were added to a team that has lost the first two games of the championship.

The defense was also tentatively announced.

Julian Tavares (pitcher), Milton Costa (firstbase), Key Fogelson (secondbase), Steve Tavares (shortstop), Eddie Tavares, (thirdbase), Bobby Da Costa (leftfield), Milton Costa, Jr. (buckshort), Nelson Costa (centerfield), Patrick Doral (rightfield), Marianne Doral (catcher).

Here's Portugal's scouting report:

Steve Tavares, Manager (3rd game)
--Good outfielder. Real workhorse. Loves his mama. Traded MVP away last year. Gives long speeches.

Patrick Doral (Rookie)
--Makes a lot of noise. Has power. Running ability is suspect. Runs with a piano on his back.

Milton Costa (3rd game)
--Good cheerleader ("C'mon, Suzie!). Will get on base. Sure handed. Pretty hair.

Milton Costa, Jr. (Rookie)
--Good at baseball, video game baseball. Will play hurt.

Marianne Doral (2nd game)
--Has asthma problem. Large rump is easy to tag out.

Key Fogelson (2nd game)
--Sure-handed infielder. Good dugout decorator. Best hitting female in game.

Bobby Da Costa (3rd game)
--2004 MVP. Has long ball power. Intense baserunner. Once got stitches under his eye from lazy foul ball.

Nelson Costa (Rookie)
--Discovered in Central Valley League. Former football player. Power to all fields. Defense unknown.

Uncle Eddie Tavares (2nd game)
--Loves the Browns. Mans the hot corner well. Enjoys non-alcoholic beer. Good hit-and-run batter.

Julian Tavares (3rd game)
--Crafty pitcher. Improved hitter. Now can hit the ball past second base. Understands the rules.

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