Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush: Me Want Go Pee-Pee

President Bush wrote a note to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice that said, "I think I may need a bathroom break?" yesterday at the United Nations.

A photographer from Reuters snapped the image over the President's shoulder and was picked up by various news organizations.

Tim Grieve from's blog, War Room, made this observation:

...the question is this: Would a major news agency -- in this case, Reuters -- have moved such a photo if the president weren't already so diminished?

Is President Bush on the precipice of gaining a wimp-like persona such as the one hung on his presidential daddy, George H.W. Bush?

Really what do you remember of the first Bush president? Just the embarrassing gaffes.

Dana Carvey imitating the president so comically on Saturday Night Live, "Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent."

Or, watching tape of him vomitting on the Prime Minister of Japan

Or, watching him trip; down the step of Air Force One, while waving to reporters or while walking off stage. Even contorting his body weirdly while throwing out the first pitch at a ballgame.

Has Bush the younger reached critical mass in his daftness, too?

Sure, every second-rate comedian has Bush the moron jokes and most have a less than intellectual view him, but maybe something is going on in the electorate.

As Bush's poll numbers dwindle to record lows for his presidency, maybe the numbers are more reliable than normal.

In the past few years, Americans have given Bush the benefit of the doubt. The war against terror wasn't in our faces back then and words from our leaders mouth could have possibly been true. So, in the meantime, Americans put up with the cute, baby chimp President and played along.

Fast forward to the last year and the tide has turned. Coupled with bad news in Iraq, various nagging untruths being revealed and disbelief at the gas pump, the veil of faux strength has disappeard.

Will the press now have the backbone to confront the newly beleaguered president on issues like the war in Iraq, the disaster in Gulf Coast, both on the ground and in the White House. Maybe Plame Gate will gain better traction?

Will Americans, themselves, the most powerful force in the U.S. hold Republicans accountable for the direction of our country. A midterm election in the fall of 2006 will answer that one.

Ironically, its been two women whom have been the biggest thorns in Bush's decline:

Hurricane's Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, TX and Katrina in New Orleans.

So, what's next after Bush's bathroom note, another biking accident? A tube of Preparation H found on the President's lecturn? His fly open revealing him to be the true "Commando in Chief"?

By the way, "way to go, Brownie!"

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