Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Week 1 Separates Men From Hermaphrodites

Hometown Team Wonderbread Routs Meatballs, 88-54

Mr. Yosemite from jaytray.blogspot.com and owner of the 49er Whiners joins the LFR as our first ever correspondent. He's been trying to pick off Terrell Owens and Randy Moss from me for beans since the draft. No, thank you. Here are his team notes from week one of the NFL fantasy season:

By Mr. Yosemite
LFR Fantasy Football Expert

Columbia Clowns - Hats off to the only team to beat the 49er Whiners so far this season.

Team Wonderbread - Backed all of his smack talk with a win in week 1. We all hope that the real 49ers knock Owens into the after life in week 2.

49er Whiners - Obviously a fluke game, clearly on their way to a 13-1 season. Look for the Whiners to kick the old Crim Dog in week two.

Funky Cold Medinas - Went up against the highest scoring team of the week and lost, nonetheless, I speak for all the guys when I say that we salute you for scoring 69.

North Beach Meatballs - Great smack talk but couldn't back up the "Italian meatballs are better than Portuguese...anything". The NBM's were beat into submission by the big linguica...would ya!

Bruisin' Contusions - Hey, thanks for showing up this week! Brett Favre put up ZERO touchdowns against Detroit? Looks like someone I know could use my backup QB Michael Vick....I'm willing to consider cash offers.

Super White Honkey's - A big win but with small balls. Failed to talk smack until AFTER he had a 30 point lead and the game was all but over.

And the team of the week...

Crim Dog - First team to put up triple digits...107 points!??? That's phenomenal! Unfortunately, you don't get extra points for matching your score to your age.


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