Thursday, September 22, 2005

Columnist Creates The Bonds Hero Myth

Sports columnist Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle is another journalists failing to view Barry Bonds in the proper context.

Her column in Wednesday's Chronicle has its viewpoint cloaked in darkenss.
They booed him as lustily as any crowd outside Los Angeles, engulfing this generation's greatest home run hitter in an uncommon brand of hostility.

Barry Bonds had an answer for all of it: a rocket into the upper deck at RFK Stadium.

In his second at-bat Tuesday night, he hit the 706th home run of his career. When he crossed home plate, he pointed to the sky, as he always does, and then pressed an index finger against his mouth.

Such a heroic tale Knapp tells, but one I've never heard before. The morally corrupt, mega-millionaire cheats his way to top, never owns up to the mighty transgression and returns to vanquish the arbiters of what's right.

According to Knapp, the bad guys are vindicated! It's the bizarro version of the classic Greek tragedy.


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