Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tejada Added To Steroid Watch List

Miguel Tejada: Bucked
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Palmeiro Reportedly Offers Shortstop's Head To Congress

Add Baltimore's Miguel Tejada to the legion of suspects.

Steroid cheat, Rafael Palmeiro, was revealed to have offered the name of teammate Miguel Tejada as the possible source of his infamous positive steroid test.

The governing body that oversees Major League Baseball's drug testing program exonorated Tejada of any wrongdoing. Reportedly testing a substance three times that was found to be the vitamin B-12.

Believing that Tejada is clean puts us back at square one. Isn't handing out the benefit of the doubt to Palmeiro and other suspicious steroid users how this particular problem began?

Circumstantial evidence already could plague Tejada more than it did Palmeiro last spring.

Jose Canseco, the ironic crown prince of truth and justice didn't name Tejada in his book, but under his expert eye didn't discount it when asked by a reporter.

Tejada's playing career also began in 1997 in Oakland when the swirling vortex of synthetic muscle met in Oakland. Also known as Canseco, Mark McGwire and Jason Giambi.

Tejada also rose through the A's minor league system as a scrawny, but athletic shortstop only become a perennial 35-homer, 150-RBI man.

What has become bothersome is whether you can believe Palmeiro. Ever.

The Washington Post reports tomorrow that Tejada told reporters that he gave Palmeiro a syringe loaded with vitamin B-12, "a long time ago."

The mere existence of syringes in a Major League clubhouse, whether containing legal substance or illegal, should raise eyebrows and especially in the charged atmosphere that exists today.

The other unreported aspect of this story is that Major League Baseball has again suppressed a allegation before it reached the public.

Can we reasonably conclude that nobody would have heard this story now if Tejada's role was found to be negative.

The steroid scandal hitting baseball is far from over. Many more will implicated, especially when known cheats like Palmeiro are backed into corner with no choice but to name names.


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Pops said...

Steroids are a cancer upon America and our past time.

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wonderbread74 said...

Great picture! Like Pops had a kid with John Belushi and this came out. A timid little boy looking for his bottle filled with Donald Duck orange juice!