Friday, September 09, 2005

'Go F!@# Yourself, Mr. Cheney'

It's amazing. I've written over 75,000 words on this blog trying to illustrate the tactics Republicans use to shift the spotlight from their own mistakes and a short eight minute video easily did the trick.

Click on this link to a short video compiled by (Click on to the day pass and watch a 10 second advertisement to watch the entire video) that shows one days new cycle and how Republican spinmeister deflected the accusations of mismanagement from the President and FEMA to the local government and even the poor in one concerted effort.

Highlights include Fox News' Bill O'Reilly blaming the poor for the disaster in New Orleans saying, "Don't live the gangsta life". You'll want to watch it until the end to hear a passerby offer some colorful language to Vice President Dick Cheney.

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