Friday, September 09, 2005

NFC West: Seahawks

1. Seattle Seahawks - Seattle will have one of the top three offenses in the NFL. QB Matt Hasselback will greatly improve if only because his receivers finally learn how to catch. Their secondary will be special--almost as good as Philadelphia's. The onus will be on the rest of the defense. Rookie LB Lofa Tatupu will be key in anchoring a defense that will good enough coupled with the explosive offense. Here's an easy prediction: RB Shaun Alexander will continue to have a nose for the goal line. The dust-up last year over the losing the rushing title by a yard will be ancient history.

2. St. Louis Rams - Coach Mike Martz is going to finally lose his job because another time management gaffe will do in the Rams playoff aspirations. WR's Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt have just enough left for one more prolific season in the air. RB Steven Jackson is going to have a big season, therefore, making the great Marshall Faulk expendable. Jackson will begin to usher in a new identity for the once "Greatest Show on Turf"--smashmouth football.

3. Arizona Cardinals - Everyone is wondering how much QB Kurt Warner has left? He has nothing left, in fact, he's been empty since 2002. The Cardinals have some studs in the wideout department and would help out Warner if only the former Super Bowl MVP didn't fumble at the slightest tap from the opponent's D-Line. The defense, though, will keep the Cards close. Rookie CB Antrel Rolle is going to be great. He'll seal off the entire left side of the secondary. He'll win the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Arizona will win eight games this year with little help from Warner.

4. San Francisco 49ers - Playing #1 draft pick Alex Smith will be akin to taking your new Mercedes four-wheeling. This kid is going to get killed by that offensive line. Who might they beat this year? Hmmm....maybe Tampa at home or the Bears in Chicago. Washington also looks like a possibility. This team has made no changes to a team that is both dull and talentless. Rookie head coach Mike Nolan will improve this team with a new outlook of life in the NFL. RB Kevan Barlow is a farce. The press is going to run him out of town. Unfortunately, the long nightmare that has become the 49ers has only begun. They'll play better, but still finish 2-14 because the won't sweep the Cardinals this year.

2004 LFR Genius Prediction: "RB Shaun Alexander is a fantasy player's best friend. Expect him to lead the NFL in touchdowns. He could easily score 5 in one game!."

2004 LFR Dumb Prediction: "Poor Niners...Five wins. Erickson's gone."

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