Saturday, September 17, 2005

Week One Oddities Play Havoc On Gamblers

I Spend $69 To Watch Raiders Lose--Genius!

NFL - Week 2
$20 Pick Three

Lions (-2) over BEARS

TEXANS (+6) over Steelers

RAIDERS (+1) over Chiefs

Last Week: 2-1; Season, 2-1. $ Won, $-20.00
(Home team in CAPS)

Fantasy Football - Week 2

Team Wonderbread (1-0-0) vs. Bruisin' Contusions (0-1-0)

Last week's opening day win was encouraging but revealed some chinks in the Wonderbread armor. TE Daniel Graham was already suspect before it seemed like he might not even be the go-to tight end in New England. The watch list has been filled with just about every available TE when Detroit's Marcus Pollard showed glimpses of his past glory while in Indy. In addition, the 49er Whiners dropped Philly's L.J. Smith inexplicably and was picked up hopefully strengthening the position.

Lineup: QB Tom Brady, WR Randy Moss, WR Terrell Owens, WR SANTANA MOSS, RB Julius Jones, RB Rudi Johnson, TE MARCUS POLLARD, K Sebastian Janikowski, DEF Carolina.

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