Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bush And FEMA Indian Giving In Florida

Bush Lavished Fla. With Money During Election; Wants It Back

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that they want back over $27 million in wrongly rewarded aid during last year's hurricanes in Florida 10 months ago. (Read it here.)

Over 6,500 hundred families received notice to return money that FEMA contends was wrongly given to Floridians suffering from four hurricanes that decimated their coast in August and September of last year, which, coincidently or not; was a hotly fought over swing state during last year's presidential election.

What Bush and FEMA are attempting is akin to giving someone your used car and then nabbing it when your own is in the shop. It's called Indian giving in playgrounds across America.

Bush deliberately used the natural disasters in Florida to grease the palms of the electorate of Florida. There were reports in the Sun-Sentinel as far as a year ago that detailed lavish amounts of aid that was given to the people of Dade County. The only problem is that none of the four tropical storms hit the closely fought, Democratic-leaning county.

According to that story FEMA approved aid that totaled over $21.5 million of the $27 million that it wants returned today.

Is this what happens when the Bush administration loots the national treasury? They ask people to return their political bribes? It's not like the $27 million bribe went to waste. He actually "won" this election.


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