Thursday, October 06, 2005

LFR Called Out By Conservative Blogger

The Christian conservative blog, "conservatives unite" took exception to one of my comments on their site. The totally harmless comment (Read it here) in response to a ridiculously far-fetched conclusion that two photos of buses perfectly portrayed the difference between Democrats and Republicans during last month's deadly hurricanes.

Here's my salvo:

First of all, I know that you are not black OR poor because of your rationale for the poor (i.e. blacks) not leaving New Orleans quickly enough. By believing the local government was to blame for not deploying transportation to get those people out is a comment unwittingly from someone who has no idea what it means to live in poverty.

The facts are that a vast majority of the citizens of New Orleans left when the mayor ordered them. The upscale French Quarter reported few problems, but the outlying poorer sections of the city did. If you could only imagine what it means to live in poverty, you would realize that those homes and the possessions inside were all they had. Would you leave if that's all you had and nowhere to go?

Second, you give your segregated views away when you end your tame diatribe by shooing me and liberals away from your foolish beliefs. The essence of the internet and blogs, specifically, is to produce ideas for all, not just red state white folks. Your comments are reminiscent of President Bush. His intolerance of others ideas and comments is well rooted in your ideology.

What it comes down to is this: Believing the doctrine of the GOP is an exercise, by definition, in selfishness.

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conservative by nature said...

My rationale for the poor (i.e. blacks) not leaving New Orleans quickly enough: What rationale are you referring to? They didn't leave quickly enough because the majority of them didn't have transportation or reliable transportation to get out.

They needed city buses, school buses or even the national guard to transport them out. None were forthcoming.

If it is not the local governments fault~~whose is it then? Oh, I know, it's the President's fault. He KNEW all those buses were there and refused to let the poor use them~~is that it?

How about my blog about FEMA. Read it? When you research their guidelines, it states that they go in when ASKED by the local government. They are more of a clean up not a rescue organization.

Yes, the people with means left. They had the transportation and the money to do so.

Personally, I have gone through one cat. 3 hurricane and determined then never again~~if you had read one of my previous blogs you would know the items I would take with me. If poor, could I walk away from EVERYTHING I own? Yes. I could. My life means more to me than "things". A materialistic person would not understand that. They would be the ones trying to get everything they brought with them into the lifeboat while the Titanic is sinking.

I still do not see how you can determine what my race is or my income is. I suppose, to be an educated black is an oxymoron where you are from. We call it slander in the South. While my income is none of your business I will say this past year has been a most unproductive year as far as finances have gone. Why, is none of your business. I am NOT rich. I rent, I drive a 17 year old car that looks like a gray ghost but is reliable enough to get me around town. I don't require much as far as material things go, but I don't deprive myself either. I just know how to budget for what I want. I am not in debt, nor do I have any credit card debt.

Yes, like most human beings I have to work at not being selfish. My TIME is precious. But I still was at a distribution center sorting clothes and baby food. I have given what little money I can afford to help feed the evacuees in our area. Unfortunately, I already donated 8 bags of clothes back in May when it was time to go through closets and clean them out, so I was unable at this time to donate any more clothes~~or I would have to go around nekkid. I did donate some canned goods however.

So, are we through debating this dead issue yet or not? You will never change your beliefs. Neither will I. I guess Groucho Marx said it best....."All people are born alike - except Republicans and Democrats." Today, we could also add~~except Conservatives and Liberals.