Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Bush Who Cried Wolf

Boogeyman Terrorists Will Get You If You Don't Eat Your Peas

When the heat signals the White House fire alarm's there's always the same refrain:

9/11! 9/11! 9/11! Did I say, "9/11!"

Suddenly as the stench of diry business pervades the capital with indictments returned for several high-profile Republicans and more likely to arrive in the next two weeks, the specter of terrorists breaching our heavily-fortified borders has again been hatched.

The Bush administration loves to deflect their poor governance with faux terrorists alerts. The reports that a terrorist plot due to be executed this Sunday is another blurring of the notion of giving Bush the benefit of the doubt or ignoring his propaganda all together.

Most, by now, realize that nearly all of Bush's rhetoric is smokescreen. From being a compassionate conservative to not participating in nation building to fighting terrorism in Iraq because of WMD to vowing to end business as usual in Washington; all have been lies to placate the masses while aiming to do the opposite.

Bush's politcal version of the boy who cried wolf has wearing thin with Americans. Bush has waved the 9/11 banner numerous times with zero evidence of any impending attack but mounds of wrong-doing on his administration's part to steer the fearful American public's attention.

I suppose this is trade-off Americans grapple with in their minds. The saintly W. and his cohorts can plunder the treasury and confidence of this country with their corrupt ideology in return for the impression that they are safe from terrorist.


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