Friday, November 04, 2005


Red States Pay Cost Of Military Blood

Over 59 million Americans go to bed each night with the blood of those military heroes on their hands. It may seem ridiculous--almost blasphemous--but every American who voted to re-elect George W. Bush did so with the knowledge that the administration falsified intelligence information and fostered a blanket of fear over the country with lies since 2003.

The indictment of Scooter Libby and the others that may follow were only confirmation of what every Democrat in the Presidential race was telling you. What Democratic Party Chairman, Howard Dean, says today about the malfeasance of this rogue regime is not any different to what he remarked in any stump speech from Des Moines, Iowa to Tallahassee, Florida.

The information was out there, yet the Bush machine of trickery and fear overwhelmed you. The false, rugged manhood of the "War President" was too much to ignore. The specter of gays getting hitched and the highly unlikely notion that your rifles would be taken away drove you to vote for Bush. He even tricked you that the guy who actually served in Vietnam with valor was less than the President who went AWOL from the National Guard.

All over the world the media lampooned you for ignoring facts and re-electing this buffoon. But, you went further when evangelicals spoke in reverent tones of Bush's holiness. You found no problem in your heart elevating this man to the right hand of God.

You know nothing different today than you did November 3, 2004. If you would have stood up then the deaths of so many young lives--American and Iraqi--would have been saved. To atone for your sins, you should do this:

Go back to the churches that preach in the name of the lord with such hypocritical doctrines of war and hatred. Ask for forgiveness because you were blinded by your inner prejudices and sought refuge in the fear of our leadership in Washington and remember this: Ultimately, in a democracy, it is not the fault of our leaders who do wrong, but accountability lies in the citizens who neglect to choose them more wisely.


Anonymous said...

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Amichai said...

Though a huge part of me wants to agree with you whole heartedly (and it's a really big part of me as I can't stand the current republican party) I have to admit that, unfortunately it isn't always that simple. It's like winston churchill said, Democracy is the worst form of government, except of course for all the other ones.

wonderbread74 said...

I clearly stated the people who voted for Bush are to blame and all of us who pay little attention to their civic duties share the blame. I says it there in the first sentence and the last sentence. Actually, this post has little to do with what the administration did, but why we let them do it.

Pops said...
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Pops said...

I think you're being a little harsh- anyone named Scooter can't be all that bad