Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bush Kicks 'The Nuts' In The Nuts


The former special assistant to the president's Office of faith-based initiatives said White House higher up called various Christian leaders "the Nuts".

Finally, there's something the Republicans in Washington got right.

David Kuo's insider account of the administration's outreach to Christian believers is illuminating for different reasons than you might think.

Sadly, this shows the Bush administration is not, in fact, on some sort of psychotic faith-based crusade against the non-Christian world. Their decisions aren't based solely on the Bible, but on getting people to vote Republican through the donation basket.

There act is, indeed, what most liberals believed, an act, albeit a very costly one. Democrats, though, can take little solace in that fact after languishing in the minority for the past four years.

This is exactly the reason why our forefather's instituted the doctrine of separation of church and state. Not only is religious reasoning faulty in successfully governing a republic, it also is easily manipulated. The smokescreen of God over national affairs is a dubious salve that smothers all free thinking--a notion antithesis to what this country was founded.

But, what goes unnoticed is the notion that God's goodwill was manipulated against those who believe in Him the most. Churchgoers throughout the country have devoted their prayers and their votes to the false notion that their God sanctioned the evil and wrongdoing that has pervaded the Bush presidency since its inauguration in 2001.

I called that collaborating with the Devil.

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