Tuesday, October 24, 2006

FOX: If Dems Win, Iraqis Win; Iraqis Aren't Winning Already?

It isn't the perception that the war in Iraq is quickly slipping into a military abyss. It isn't even a question of whether the United States should be in Iraq or even if the planning was bungled. The Democrats are on the cusp of taking over Congress because the Republicans scare tactics regarding the terrorists and other assorted evildoers has officially run its course.

The Fox clip above is an example of a party grasping at really the only significant point for voting for them the last six years. How absurd is it to trot out the inane syllogism that a vote for Democrats is a vote for the insurgents, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Satan or the boogie man for the umpteenth time.

It's generally accepted, even among Republicans, that the din of scaring Americans into voting Republicans reaches its apex around election time. The tactic was effective enough to win two presidential campaigns and increase power in the legislative branch, but its well-worn and quickly becoming hokey. Something the writers of Saturday Night Live would deem played out.

Does Fox's John Gibson really believe what he's saying? It didn't sound like it. In fact, it could have been uttered hundreds of times on Fox News from the dawn of 9/11 to today, except with different video.

This midterm election may be too far lost for the Republicans, but next time come up with something scarier. The anthrax scare was effective. Or, maybe your saving that one for 2008.

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