Sunday, September 12, 2004

NFC North Predictions

1 Green Bay Packers
Brett Fav-rah will make one last drive down playoff lane but the Pack won't get any farther than they have in the previous five years. Ahman Green will lead the NFC in rushing and continue to be forgotten in the same breath with other great backs in the league

2 Detroit Lions
Along with Cincy, this is the team that will suddenly defy logic and be a potential NFC powerhouse only to suck next season. I like the vision that the ownership in Motown has used in sticking with GM Matt Millen. He's made some astute offensive acquisitions. Ten wins and a home wildcard playoff game.

3 Minnesota Vikings
I think this team is severely overrated. They started quickly last year, struggled in the middle and flunked out of the playoff hunt on literally the last play of the season. These guys are weak. I see a combustible situation arising between coach Mike Tice and Randy Moss.

4 Chicago Bears
Da Bears seem to be building in circles and I don't see this edition as anything different except one factor. QB Rex Grossman should begin to show that this team will be a force next year.

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MrYosemite said...

I've seen crack whores that made more sense than you. Vikings 3rd in their division? Detroit second?

Seriously, if I looked closely, would I be able to see the labotomy scar?