Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Columnist Tells the Truth; Then Quits

What a way to go. Newsday’s longtime columnist, the irascible Jimmy Breslin, apparently wrote his last column today. It was titled, "I'm right -- again. So I quit. Beautiful."

After twenty years writing columns for three New York papers, Breslin seems to be the only person other than the LFR predicting an easy victory today.

Here’s are some of Breslin’s last shots:

The reporters said the nation was divided. They were afraid to say anything that might upset this view. You've been had by the news industry. Not once, even after the first debate when Kerry scored a technical knockout, did they take a step and call it as it happened.

Breslin also took a heavy shot at the exclusion of cell phone user (young people) in the polling methodologies.

So you were getting CBS/New York Times polls proclaimed as most important and real. One hundred seventy million cell phones and you don't poll one of them. The polls they are pushing at you in the news magazines, on the networks, in the big papers, are such cheap, meaningless, blatant lies, that some of these television stations should have their licenses challenged.

Remember, Breslin knows a thing about losers (Bush). He famously covered the 1962 New York Mets expansion baseball team that is widely regarded as the worst team ever.

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